September #bookadayuk - Day 25

No Highway - Nevil Shute Doomsday Book - Connie Willis



My Dad isn't a great reader; and when I was growing up, only a handful of the books on our shelves belonged to him. Most of them were by Nevil Shute and the one he gave to me to read was No Highway. I have no idea why he thought a novel about metal fatigue in airplanes would appeal to a teenage girl, but it did. Shute is one of those novelists who seem to have fallen out of fashion, but he knew how to tell a story. I still cry at On the Beach. 


My mum on the other hand reads even more than I do, and we're always recommending books to each other. The one I've chosen though, is one which I would never have imagined she'd pick up, but I'm so glad she did because it gave me a new favourite author. It's The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. There is no way on earth my mum would deliberately choose a sci-fi time travel novel; she thought it was going to be a straightforward historical. She really enjoyed it and knew that I would enjoy it even more.