September #bookadayuk - Day 10

The Courage To Start: A Guide To Running for Your Life - John Bingham, Jenny Hadfield



I took up running about fifteen years ago but recently had to give up thanks to a knee injury. No great loss to the world of elite runners as I was never going to win any medals.


Let's be honest here; my best half-marathon speed is 15 seconds slower than the winning woman's time at this year's Boston Marathon. Yep, there are people who can run 26 miles faster than I can run 13. 


But John Bingham was the reason I became a runner in the first place. He made me realise that running is for everyone and it doesn't matter if you're overweight, past your prime, or you don't go very fast. You are still running.


Thanks John, I hope to be 'waddling on' again very soon.