August #Bookadayuk - Day 28

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood



 I think today's theme was the most slippery. What exactly is contemporary? And if it is contemporary, how do we know it's going to be timeless?

 Therefore I've come up with my own definition of contemporary and that is anything written after 1980, which means I can give a book that made yesterday's shortlist a reprieve. 

After dithering for ages yesterday about what to choose as a classic most relevant to now, I eventually rejected The Handmaid's Tale in favour of Fahrenheit 451. 


As I said in the July challenge when I chose this book as the one I wished I'd written, the events in this book really could happen, and in fact, some of the things in this book have happened and are still happening to women around the world. It is timeless and relevant.