August #Bookadayuk – Day 24

Thomas Hardy: The Time-Torn Man - Claire Tomalin



I tend to steer clear of autobiographies, as whenever I look at that section in a bookshop, it seems to be filled with tripe written by the latest Z list celebrity, American Idol wannabe, or a Kardashian (who I always thought were the bad guys from Star Trek, but it appears I was wrong about that).

Which is why I would always much rather read a biography of someone who actually did something with their life, and whose works or deeds are still relevant today. And when it comes to biographies, Claire Tomalin is my go to author.

She’s written books about Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Mary Wollestonecraft, Jane Austen, and Samuel Pepys. Her style is engaging and her research is meticulous. And I’m choosing all of them (apart from the Jane Austen bio because I’ve not read that one).