A Book a Day - Day 31

Flat Stanley - Jeff Brown, Scott Nash, Macky Pamintuan



What do the following books have in common?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator – Roald Dahl
Over Sea, Under Stone – Susan Cooper
My Family and Other Animals – Gerald Durrell
A Candle in Her Room – Ruth M Arthur (am I the only person in the world who knows this book?)
The Phantom Tollbooth – Norman Juster
Five Children and It – E Nesbit

They were all bought by my mum to encourage my sister to read more books. And it wasn’t working.

These were all excellent books, but little sis just wasn’t interested. It wasn’t that she couldn’t read, it was just that she didn’t seem to want to. Then a teacher friend of my mum’s gently suggested that maybe sis was feeling a bit intimidated, and she should try something that was slightly under her reading age. (Mum was used to my rather precocious reading habits and had assumed that my sister would be the same.)

The book recommended by this wise woman was Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. My sister picked it up and read it, and the rest is history. She read it again and again. And kept on reading it. And it wasn't long before she had gained the confidence to move on to other books. Books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in fact.

Thank you Stanley! Although it did mean I had to return all those books to her shelf because she wanted to read them. Oh, and my dad had to move the cork board above her bed to the other side of the room.