A Book a Day - Day 23

Murder On The Orient Express - Agatha Christie


Hey, I grew up in a small English village, so anywhere with more than two shops and a bus-stop was considered exotic, and meant that just about every book I read took me to places far beyond my village boundaries.


But though it was small, my village had a library, and I must have borrowed every single one of Agatha Christie's novels. While I enjoyed Jane Marple and her cozy murders which were mainly set in England, it was Christie's espionage books and her mysteries featuring Hercule Poirot that sparked my imagination. 


They featured far-flung places I could only dream of visiting; Egypt, Mesopotamia, Jerusalem, and Baghdad.


And even though I left my little village many years ago, I still want to board the Orient Express and travel through Europe from Paris to Istanbul. It seems so adventurous and romantic. And being a nosy old bag, I bet the people-watching would be fantastic.