A Book a Day - Day 28

The Cat That Walked by Himself: And Other Stories - Rudyard Kipling



I thought I’d nailed this one, but after thinking about it, I realised that it wasn’t as easy a choice as I first thought. 

For instance, there’s Bigwig from Watership Down. He’s brave, loyal, and pretty darn kick-ass for a rabbit.

And what about Pickwick the adorably dim dodo, and her tearaway son Alan, who belong to Thursday Next. (Don't you just love the image of a tearaway dodo? Particularly one called Alan?)

But I'm a cat person; and my thoughts first strayed to the Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, (or the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat if you're in Thursday Next's world - see, I told you I could shoe-horn these books into every discussion). Like all cats, he is wise and enigmatic, and like all cats he also has that annoying habit of disappearing just when you need him.

And how can you not love Greebo, Nanny Ogg’s bad-tempered cat from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels? He has killed vampires, elves and countless small animals, but Nanny insists he’s just a sweet little harmless kitten.


Or Mister from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? Thirty pounds of feline attitude. Even the villains don't mess with Mister. 

But I’ve chosen the ultimate cat. The cat who is the blueprint for all cats. The Cat who walks by himself.

“I am not a friend and I am not a servant. I am the Cat who walks by himself and all places are alike to me.”

That one sentence sums up just about every cat I have ever known.