A Book a Day - Day 15

The Golden Notebook - Doris Lessing



Over on Good Reads I'm a member of a group called the Dead Writers Society. We have a discussion thread called "Dead authors on sale" where we alert each other to Amazon deals, and this is where I get a lot of my Kindle books from, including The Golden Notebook, which is my most recent purchase. It's one of those books that has been on my radar forever, but I've never got around to reading.


Dead writers are great. They don't whine if you buy their book and don't leave a review. If you do leave them a review, they don't bitch and moan because it's 'only' three stars. They don't complain that you only downloaded the book because it was free. And even though I'm always saying how much I hate her books, Jane Austen has never called me a notorious gangster thug careerist reviewer.  And I'm pretty certain J D Salinger didn't threaten to set hackers on me when I blogged about not enjoying Catcher in the Rye


Oh, and we also have a thread called "newly available authors for DWS members to read", (informally known as "oh crap, who's died now?").