A Book a Day - Day 16

Lace - Shirley Conran


Hey, if it’s a book and I’m on a beach, then it’s a beach read.

Though to be honest, if I'm on a beach, I’m usually scrambling over rocks or paddling in the shallows with my binoculars looking for sea-birds.

But having said that, if I'm on vacation, and I've managed to convince my husband to go and play golf, I can be persuaded to kick off my Tevas, put down my binoculars, and have a lazy day where it’s just me, a book, and possibly a cold beer. And that’s when I’ll choose a big chunky family saga, or one of those ‘sex and shopping’ books that were popular in the 1980s. Authors like Danielle Steele, Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins etc. And yes, we’re straying into ‘guilty pleasure’ territory here.

I’ve picked Lace by Shirley Conran for my beach read. Because let's face it; how can you resist this tagline?

“Which one of you bitches is my mother?”

Awesome! And apparently it’s not just a bonkbuster, it’s also a serious feminist tract – who knew?