A Book a Day - Day 3

Anna Karenina - Lew ToĊ‚stoj



“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”


One of the most famous opening lines in literature, which means Anna Karenina, is my choice for Day 3.


I do enjoy angsty 19th century literature. And Anna Karenina gives me the angst in spades. Of course as usual for the time period, if there is an adulterous affair, it's the woman who has to suffer. And poor Anna really does suffer. 


I think if Tolstoy had been writing the book today, his editor would probably have told him to get rid of most of the philosophizing, and all of the stuff about farming.  


But the real reason I chose Anna Karenina, is because it gives me the opportunity to share this very silly cartoon. 


Leo tolstoy