It's all about me!

1. I'm English, but I've been living in the US since 2007. Came over here with my husband on a temporary basis for work and we've been here ever since. 


2. I'm a keen bird watcher. As anyone who's been looking at my photos will have guessed. Actually they're my husband's pictures, and I love sharing them. 


3. I'm a complete puck-head. I discovered hockey when I arrived in Boston and I've been hooked ever since. Most of my clothing has the Bruins logo on it somewhere. 


4. I'm a cat lover. We're cat-free at the moment, but hoping to change that soon. 


5. I'm a theatre junkie. We used to live about five miles from Stratford upon Avon so it was very easy to go along and watch the productions. I've probably seen all the British theatre greats over the years. 


6. I'm a never happier than when I'm scrambling about on hillsides. In England I spent a lot of time in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. There's nothing better than finishing a day in the mountains with a pint of beer in the pub. Talking of which...


7. I'm a bit of a beer snob.  I love trying out craft beers from all over the world. 


8. I'm on a mission to visit every state in the US. Have ticked off 29, so I'm over halfway there. 


9. I'm a foodie. I love cooking and eating out. 


10. I breed miniature ponies. Actually that's a complete lie, but at those irritating team building events that everyone gets subjected to, my friends and I always use this one for the "tell us one interesting fact about yourself" section. Bonus points are awarded if anyone believes you. 


Thanks Grim, that was fun.