30 Day Challenge: Day 21

Watership Down - Richard Adams



By the time I was nine years old I'd read pretty much everything in the children's section of my village library (it was a small village and a very small library). The librarian was a wonderful woman who gave me the adult ticket allowance, and didn't mind if my books were sometimes overdue.  And she was the person who gave me Watership Down to read.


This was definitely the first book not classified as 'children's literature' that I read. It was longer than anything I'd read before, and it didn't have any pictures in it.  To my nine-year old eyes, it was truly a book for grown-ups.


It may be about rabbits, but Beatrix Potter it ain't.  This book has some very violent and bloody scenes.  Fiver's vision of what happened to the old burrow gave me nightmares, General Woundwort scared the crap out of me, and I cried buckets at the ending. 


I loved it. Thank you Mrs S.