30 Day Challenge: Day 18

The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger
Well if my ‘most hated’ and ‘most overrated’ books didn’t get rid of all my followers, I think today’s choice might just have me sweeping the tumbleweed out of my blog.
I’m sorry, but Catcher in the Rye was a massive disappointment.  However, before you all start hitting that ‘unfollow’ button, please can I say a couple of things in my defence.
Firstly, I read it when I was in my twenties, so was probably too old to appreciate what Holden was going through. I’d left all that teenage angst behind and was trying to get to grips with my first job and the fact that I’d bought a house, but wasn’t sure if I could pay the mortgage.
Also, it was the 1980s and the UK was going through some pretty intense political crap.  The miners were on strike, Margaret Thatcher was doing her best to bring down the unions, unemployment was sky-high, and people (including me) were on the streets protesting about the poll tax.  So the whining of a self-absorbed, privileged middle-class emo brat and his #FirstWorldProblems just irritated the hell out of me.
But I have mellowed in the intervening years, and I am going to put Catcher in the Rye on my ‘TBR’ shelf, and maybe this time I’ll have a little bit more sympathy for young Holden.