30 Day Challenge: Day 3

The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde The Well of Lost Plots - Jasper Fforde Something Rotten - Jasper Fforde First Among Sequels  - Jasper Fforde One of Our Thursdays Is Missing: A Novel - Jasper Fforde The Woman Who Died a Lot - Jasper Fforde


This one is a little bit easier for me to choose.  I have a handful of series where I’m eagerly waiting for the next book to be released.  Sara Paretsky’s V I Warshawski, Dennis Lehane’s Kenzie and Genarro, Malcolm Pryce’s Aberystwyth, and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files (hmm, do you think I read too many detective novels?)  But my absolute favourite is Jasper Fforde and his books about Thursday Next – and yes, she’s also a detective.
I totally love these books.  They are set in England in 1985, but it’s not the England I know and love.  Croquet is the national sport, the Crimean War is still going on, Wales is a socialist republic with a terrible cheese smuggling problem, and people have pet dodos.
Enter Thursday Next, Literary Detective, Crimean War veteran, and ace croquet player. Her greatest skill is that she has the ability to travel into books and interact with the characters, but she has to stay out of the way of anyone who is actually reading the book.
This very simple, but extremely funny premise means Thursday can jump into Wuthering Heights to make sure that all the characters are attending their anger management classes.  She can also try and discover who took all the jokes out of Thomas Hardy’s novels.
And we learn that there are only five pianos in the whole of literature and it’s damned difficult to move them between books without the reader noticing.  Oh yes, and there’s a pink gorilla hiding in A Tale of Two Cities
The other characters in these novels either have names which are just an excuse for some exceedingly bad puns (Landen Parke-Laine anyone?), or are well-known faces from literature – did you know that Mrs Tiggywinkle is a secret agent?  You do now and you will never read Beatrix Potter in the same light again.
There are currently seven books in the series
The Eyre Affair
Lost in a Good Book
The Well of Lost Plots
Something Rotten
First Among Sequels
One of Our Thursdays Is Missing
The Woman Who Died a Lot
The eight book, Dark Reading Matter is due out next year and I can’t wait.
P.S.  If this appears twice, I sincerely apologise.  I thought I'd posted it, but it vanished into the ether