Bizzaro Birthday

I have to say that today's birthday has been one of the strangest I've ever had.


I mean how many other people do you know who have had two tons of gravel delivered so that they could build a patio?? 


I found out that I share a birthday with one of our neighbours. He's been working from home for the past couple of weeks and was feeling pretty fed up. So when he looked out of his window and saw the big pile of gravel on our driveway, he just couldn't resist the opportunity to come over with his shovel and give us a hand while he was waiting for his next conference call. You'll be pleased to know we all stayed six feet apart at all times.



I also got some birdy delights




The picture is from my husband and is one of my favourite ducks. A smew.


The blue-jay cushion is from a good friend who is a quilting wizard. (You should see the fabulous face-masks she's made for all her friends).


A takeout has been ordered for later this evening and there is a bottle of something fizzy chilling in the fridge. Sadly I can't get together in person with friends, but we're having a virtual party via Zoom.