Imaginary Numbers  - Seanan McGuire

Well so much for saving this one for a rainy day. I just couldn't wait to dive straight back into the complicated and dangerous goings-on of the Price family.


We've already seen the world through the eyes of Verity, Alex, and Antinomy, and now it's time to see how an Incryptid makes sense of a human-dominated world. And not just any Incryptid; this is Sarah's story. She's a cuckoo, and cuckoos are very, very scary...


"I'm not a Price!"


"You took your last name from a science fiction novel about creepy telepathic children who want to destroy the world," said Verity. "That may be one of the most Price-like things you could have done. You're family. We raised you right. You're a Price and Prices don't run, or hide, or refuse to do something because it might be dangerous."