File under 'Too Stupid To Live'

Island Murders - Wanda Canada

Figure Eight Island is not what you'd call a sleepy little hamlet. Home to million-dollar houses and wealth, the island near Wilmington, North Carolina is the place to live and vacation for the South's privileged class.


Contractor Carroll Davenport doesn't party with the jet-setters; she builds houses for them. But when an arsonist destroys a house she's building and her job supervisor is found buried under ten feet of topsoil, Carroll is drawn into a world of drug smuggling, corruption and murder. It's enough to wreck her day.


The challenging task of keeping Carroll safe becomes perilous when a rogue cop pegs her as the murderer. Under the protective eye of Sheriff Stan Council and with the help of a not-unattractive off-duty FBI agent, Carroll struggles to clear her name, but what she doesn't know could get her and everyone she loves killed.


I picked this up at my library to give me something to read while I wait for my bingo books to become available.


The book is set close to where I now live since moving from Boston, and I thought it would be fun to read about all the places I'm currently exploring.


But oh God, the heroine is unbelievably dumb. If there was a bingo category for 'Too Stupid to Live', this book and its heroine would be a shoo-in. I think we're up to murder #4 and the third attempt on her life, and she's still insisting she knows better than everyone else.


Amazingly there is a second book in the series, so I'm assuming the silly woman manages to survive this one.