2019 Halloween Bingo - Gothic

The Unburied - Charles Palliser

In Victorian England, Dr. Courtine is invited to spend the days before Christmas with Austin, a friend from his youth, in the Cathedral Close of Thurchester. Courtine hopes to research an unsolved mystery at the cathedral library, but when Austin captivates him with the story of the town ghost -- a macabre tale of murder and deception dating back two centuries -- Courtine finds himself drawn instead into a haunting world of avarice, skullduggery, and exceptional evil. Daring, unpredictable, atmospheric, The Unburied is a dazzling entry in the canon of classic Victorian masterpieces of suspense. 


This has been sitting on my bookshelf for a couple of years now. I was planning on reading it for the last two bingo games, but ran out of time and never got round to it. There are a few squares it could probably fit into - Ghost Stories and Murder Mystery spring to mind, but I'm going with Gothic.