2019 Halloween Bingo - Amateur Sleuth

The Moving Finger - Agatha Christie

A series of poison-pen letters has shattered the peaceful way of life in the quiet village of Lymstock. No one is safe from the scathing accusations and alarming threats contained in these vicious notes, and everyone is wondering who the sinister mind is behind them. Neighbor suspects neighbor and it seems that on one is free of motive - not the village doctor, not the vicar, not the servants, not even the newcomers, narrator Jerry Burton and his sister, Joanna. The stakes are raised when one victim apparently distraught over the content of the letter she received, takes her own life.


Fortunately, Miss Jane Marple is staying on as the vicar's houseguest. With her keen insight into the mysteries of human nature, she is the only one able to sort through the finger pointing and put an end to the terror.


Haven't read this in years, and I'm not sure if I can remember who the murderer is. But Miss Marple is on the case.


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