2019 Halloween Bingo - Supernatural

One Fell Sweep -  Ilona Andrews

"That's a kitty," Maud said. "Be careful. They have sharp claws."

"What's his name?"

"He doesn't have one," I told her. "I tell you what, you can name him."

Helen's eyes got almost as big as the cat's. "I can?"


"I'm going to name him Olasard, after he who hunts the evildoers and rips out their souls."

The Ripper of Souls gave me a befuddled look.


The Innkeeper series with its vampires, werewolves, aliens, magic, and a rather confused cat, could probably cover a number of squares, but I'm going for Supernatural.


Yes, I know I originally said I was reading this for Romantic Suspense, but I got my Andrews series mixed up. My bad.