Finished it!

Magic for Nothing - Seanan McGuire


Roller derby, carnivals, and Aeslin mice. What's not to love?


Up until now we’ve only seen Antimony through the eyes of her older siblings. She’s the annoying little sister with a penchant for bear traps and explosives so it’s good to finally hear her voice and find out why she appears to be a bit of a misfit in a family full of misfits. (Random spontaneous combustion in her fingertips could explain some of it).


While Alex, Verity, and the rest of the extended Price family know their roles in keeping the Incryptid population safe from the eyes of the Covenant of St George, and staying under their radar, Annie is still trying to find her identity and her place in the family dynamic. She’s happy with her roller derby, but she’s angry and resentful that Verity has more freedom than she does; Verity gets to dance on live TV, but Annie had to give up competitive cheerleading and gymnastics in case it got her noticed. Understandably, after the events of Chaos Choreography, she puts all the blame on Verity for blowing the family’s cover.


And now that the Covenant knows the Price family is alive and kicking, they are heading to North America to kill them and wipe out the incryptids once and for all, and if they also take out a few innocent bystanders, then so be it. It’s down to Annie to infiltrate the Covenant and stop them.


Oh I did enjoy this one. I’ve been wanting to hear Antimony’s side of the story for a while now, and it didn’t disappoint. I loved the carnival setting and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Annie and the adorable Mork and Mindy.