Florida birding

Have just returned to chilly Massachusetts after spending the past week in Florida doing plenty of birding, getting a bit of culture at the Salvador Dali museum, and getting my sports fix by attending a Red Sox spring training game and a Tampa Bay Lightning game.


The birding as always was fabulous. Florida definitely has the best birds. We even managed to add three more birds to the life list. Marbled godwit, Nanday parakeet, and a great horned owl.


The owl was a treat, but was too far away for decent photos. Which was a shame because, there was an utterly adorable owlet in the nest with an adult close by.


The godwit was one of those where we had no idea what it was, so had to take some hurried pictures for ID purposes later.


And the parakeets were amazing. They aren't native to the US but colonies have been built up via escapees and there are now enough of them for the American Birding Association to include them in the list of US birds. 



Clockwise starting from top left: Wood stork, green heron, sandhill cranes, great egret.


And here are our lifers (slightly blurry pics, but they were a little bit too far away to get a decent shot).