Well worth the wait

Tombland - C.J. Sansom

The previous book in the series could have easily been the final one. Henry VIII is dying and Shardlake is doing one final job for Queen Catherine Parr. But at the end, he is introduced to Henry's 'least important child', the Lady Elizabeth...


And this is where book seven in the fantastic Matthew Shardlake series starts. Henry is dead and England is now being ruled by Edward VI; though as he is only nine years old, Thomas Seymour is acting as Protector (and not making a very good job of it).


The Lady Elizabeth has summoned Shardlake to Hatfield because she wants him to go to Norfolk and investigate the murder of a woman who was married to a distant relative of hers. During the investigation, he is caught up in the social unrest which is sweeping the country and finds himself assisting the rebel, Robert Kett in his camp outside Norwich.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kett%27s_Rebellion (for those who want to know how the rebellion ended).


I loved this a lot. Even though I knew how the rebellion ended, the mystery kept me entertained, and it was fab to see Jack Barak again. And I can't wait to see how Shardlake's relationship with Elizabeth unfolds.