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Diamond Fire -  Ilona Andrews

"If fortune smiles on us, this will be your only wedding. This will be a formal affair. Your bride will be wearing a breathtaking gown, you will be wearing a tuxedo, and I will watch you two exchange vows and kiss in front of our entire family and all of our friends, and I will glow with pride at this moment. You will not rob me of that joy. Later I will talk to your father about it and tell him how beautiful it was. Am I making myself clear?"


The Scourge of Mexico and the most terrifying Prime in Houston unhinged his manly jaws and said the only thing he could, "Yes, Mother."


A fun introduction to the next installment in the Hidden Legacy universe. Nevada and Rogan are about to be married. and Nevada's sister, Catalina is using her newly acknowledged powers to find out who has stolen the bride's tiara and why someone is trying to poison the wedding party. But worse than that, she is also the wedding planner and it's hard work trying to convince a very stubborn bride that blue lilacs are totally wrong for the bouquet.