Halloween Bingo 2018 - Terrifying Women

Shell Game - Sara Paretsky

If you read Paretsky's V I Warshawski novels you will be in no doubt as to her political leanings. It's not overtly preachy and it's always been in the background. Until now.


In Shell Game the gloves are off. Paretsky calls out Trump and his administration and puts the spotlight on what it's like living in the US as an immigrant. She also looks at how desperate people get shilled by callous payday loan companies, and how vulnerable young women are preyed upon by powerful men and feel they don't have a voice. There are Russian mobsters cozying up with unscrupulous businessmen, casual racism, and corrupt ICE agents.


Politics aside, this is a cracking story about a missing woman, stolen artifacts from Yemen, and shady dealings on the stockmarket.