Halloween Bingo 2018 - Diverse Voices

White Is For Witching - Helen Oyeyemi

Miranda Silver is in Dover, in the ground beneath her mother’s house.
Her throat is blocked with a slice of apple
(to stop her speaking words that may betray her)
her ears are filled with earth
(to keep her from hearing sounds that will confuse her)
her eyes are closed, but
her heart thrums hard like hummingbird wings.
Does she remember me at all I miss her I miss the way her eyes are the same shade of grey no matter the strength or weakness of the light I miss the taste of her I
see her in my sleep, a star planted seed-deep, her arms outstretched, her fists clenched, her black dress clinging to her like mud.
She chose this as the only way to fight the soucouyant.


With an opening like that, I couldn't help but be sucked into the book and it kept the weirdness and chills going for quite a while, and I was never sure what was real and what was imagined. There are some genuinely scary moments, and the whole feel of the book is very unsettling. This feeling is heightened by the multiple narrators whose voices switch mid-sentence with no warning. I was reminded of The Yellow Wallpaper and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, but unlike those books, this one ultimately fizzled out.