Halloween Bingo 2018 - Country House Mystery

Brat Farrar - Josephine Tey, Robert Barnard

It was eight years since Patrick had vanished leaving a pitiful note, "I'm sorry but I can't bear it any longer. Don't be angry with me, Patrick." Now it seemed, he had returned - just in time to claim the family inheritance. But if Patrick really had committed suicide, who was this mysterious young man claiming to be him and calling himself Brat Farrar?


This one popped onto my radar during last year's bingo game. I've read and re-read A Daughter of Time many times, but haven't read anything else by Tey. After reading all my Booklikes pals' comments about Brat Farrar, I decided I absolutely had to read it for this year's game.


I'm picking the book up from the library tonight, but I was really tempted to go for the audio book version mainly because it's narrated by Carole Boyd, and Lynda Snell has always been one of my favourite characters in The Archers.