Halloween Bingo 2018 - Shifters

Magic Triumphs -  Ilona Andrews

“Yes, bad. Look at Daddy ripping the bad man to pieces. Go Daddy!”


Well that was an extremely satisfying end to this series. And has made me very impatient for the next Iron and Magic installment.


There are plenty of laughs, plenty of kick-ass moments, epic battles, and a couple of 'whoa, I did not see that coming' moments.


Not everyone makes it out alive, but I was well pissed at

Saiman's death happening off-page and only meriting one lousy paragraph. The details of his will and burial had better have some pay-off somewhere in the future.

(show spoiler)


Oh, and Sunshine Realty totally deserved what happened to them. In fact, they got off pretty lightly to be honest.