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Staked - Kevin Hearne

I started reading this series while waiting for Jim Butcher to return to the world of Harry Dresden, and there are plenty of comparisons to be made between Hearne's Iron Druid and Butcher's Harry Dresden (though to be honest, I would always back Kate Daniels against either of them).


Both series have vampires, werewolves, fae, and assorted deities, plus a good dollop of magic. And both have lots of humour and pop culture references, and a way too perfect female love interest.


They also both have a big, scary dog; Mouse in Harry's corner, and the sausage-obsessed Oberon for Team Atticus.


But I'm on Team Harry, and that's because Harry has one thing that Atticus doesn't have. And that thing is a 30lb badass cat called Mister.