Halloween Bingo 2017 - Cozy

The Cat Who Turned On and Off - Lilian Jackson Braun

This was a perfect antidote to the shenanigans of The Thin Man.


No dysfunctional families with a weird obsession with incest and cannibalism. No skeevy guys and because Jim Qwilleran is a recovering alcoholic, definitely no booze.


Ah yes, Jim Qwilleran. A man of his times (the early books were written in the 1960s). He sees women as decorative arm candy to be invited to Christmas parties. He prefers them to be subtle and he definitely knows what he likes when it comes to legs and cleavage. Hey Jim, women have brains you know.


But that's just feminist me quibbling. As cozies go, these books are fun and fluffy and Koko and Yum Yum totally steal the show as Siamese cats are wont to do.