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The Ranger - Monica McCarty

So how are we doing with Moonlight's checklist?


Moonlight Reader's How To Tell If You're In A Highland Guard Novel    


You are surrounded by men in kilts, all of whom have a nickname that is one word, and refers to their prowess as a warrior. Check


You are not the Hero's type, but he is inexplicably attracted to you. Also, you are not conventionally beautiful, you are the most beautiful woman in the room, or you are plain as a pikestaff. Check (sapphire-eyed AND with tumbling golden locks dontcha know).


No matter which of these three is true, he will still want to swive you. Check. Constantly. Check (so much swiving!)


He will be good with his sword. Check. That is not necessarily a double entendre. Wait, yes it is. Check. (And it most certainly is a double entendre).


You will mentally notice that he has very big muscles. Check. You will mentally notice that this is hot. Check. You will respond to all of these muscles and this noticing by ignoring him and pretending that he's not hot. Check. And you are not attracted. Check and check.


To be continued....


For something that I would normally dismiss as a complete load of tosh, I'm immensely entertained by it. Which is more than can be said for Outlander.