Halloween Bingo 2016

Before the Fall - Noah Hawley Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane


I've rejigged my list a wee bit. Just because I can.


For the 'Fall' square, rather than The Fall of the House of Usher which would have been a re-read and a short one at that, I'm going to read Before the Fall by Noah Hawley instead. Mainly because I love the TV series Fargo


And for 'Set in New England', I've ditched The Night Strangers because I took a look at the sample and holy information dump Batman, there is no way I would have got through it without hurling my Kindle at the wall. In its place, I'm going to read Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. And no it isn't a re-read, I promise. For some reason I thought this one was set in New York state, so didn't even consider it.