Halloween Bingo 2016 - Book 4 (Read with Booklikes Friends)

Ammie, Come Home, - Barbara Michaels

Read With Booklikes Friends : Ammie, Come Home, Barbara Michaels


These are my spoiler-free impressions. I'll say more in the the discussion group. 


FIrst off, I'm glad I read this mostly during daylight hours because I would definitely have felt a bit spooked at times if I'd read it at night. And I frequently found myself muttering, "don't go into the cellar!" First rule of scary ghost stories - never ever go into the cellar.


I wish there was more information about each of the characters. They all felt a bit flat at times, so bit more backstory to round them out would have been good.


I did enjoy it though. Yes, it's very coy and dated, but that adds to the charm. And I loved all the detailed descriptions of the fashions. I kept having to break off and go and do an Internet search to see exactly what they were talking about.


However I had to laugh at the time the protagonists spent preparing elaborate food and drinking sherry and cocktails. If I'd have been there, I'd have been eating bags of Cheesy Puffs and swigging brandy straight from the bottle.