Halloween Bingo 2017 - Haunted Houses

The Shining - Stephen King

I'm going old school for this one. I used to read a lot of horror back in the 70s and 80s; authors like Dennis Wheatley, Clive Barker, and James Herbert, but my choice is by Stephen King, the modern master of the genre, and the guy who scared me far more than the other three put together. (I still fucking hate clowns). 


I read an awful lot of King's stuff back in the day, and the reason I chose The Shining, was because although I’ve seen the film, I’ve never actually read the book. But really the main reason I chose it, is because I can get another Simpsons reference in. 



This was originally going to be my '80s Horror' choice until I realized it was actually written in 1977.