Out of print? Seriously?

Candle in Her Room (Knight Books) - Ruth Mabel Arthur


But I loved this one as a child. And it would have been perfect for my 'read by candlelight/flashlight' square. Because that's pretty much what I did the first time I read it.


I've blethered about this book before, http://bruinsgal.booklikes.com/post/983760/september-bookadayuk-day-18


This is the edition I had, and I was totally that girl on the cover.


It's a fabulously spooky tale of a wooden doll who exerts a malevolent influence on three generations of a family. I'm sure this was the book that started my love of ghost stories and all things Gothic. But god, it terrified me.


Sadly though, it's been out of print for years, and I have no idea where my very battered copy ended up. It's not on my shelves here, so I guess it could be in a box in my parents' attic. And I'm not going back to the UK to try and find it, just in case I also stumble across a wooden doll called Dido.....


Ah well, I'm just going to have to find another book to read by candlelight, but at least this little journey down memory lane has given me a couple more ideas, and a great excuse to re-read Alan Garner, another author whose books simultaneously entertained, educated, and scared the holy crap out of me. Some children's authors told me about unicorns and princesses; Garner introduced me to the Morrigan, and I don't think I've quite got over it.