Tricked  - Kevin Hearne Hammered  - Kevin Hearne

I think I'll probably take a break from this series for a little while. I'm enjoying the books but they're getting a wee bit repetitive and I don't want to get bored. 


And as much as I enjoy them, it makes me realize just how much better Jim Butcher is as a writer. When Harry does something there are always consequences to his actions. Sometimes it's a good thing, but often the situation is made worse. Power vacuums are created, and what fills them isn't necessarily better than what was there before. 


Atticus has spent four books cutting a very bloody swathe through the Celtic and Norse gods and so far there hasn't been much payback. If this was The Dresden Files, Harry would be dealing with some pretty deep shit right now. 


Oh, and I do wish Atticus would stop going into bars and ordering a 'car bomb'. Yeah I know he's Irish, but it's not particularly funny, and seriously it would get you thrown out of most bars these days. (And that includes the Irish bars in Boston where I live).