So much fun!

Hexed  - Kevin Hearne Hounded - Kevin Hearne

Bad-ass witches...


The black coffee table had several magazines scattered about on it - Newsweek and Organic Living and Rolling Stone, I noted with some surprise. Then I wondered at myself . What did I expect, Ritual Animal Slaughters Quarterly?"


...and scary goddesses with secret cravings.


"What? I had no idea you liked ice cream."


The Morrigan's eyes flashed red. "If you tell anyone, I'll rip off your nose."


How can you resist?


The Iron Druid books have been on my radar for a long time now, but I've resisted buying them because my TBR pile is already the size of Everest. But when Amazon gave me $18 as part of the iTunes legal case, I decided to treat myself to the first two books in the series. And what a treat they are. 


So yeah, Atticus is rather similar to a certain Chicago-based wizard, complete with the cute, sexy apprentice to listen to his bad jokes and pop-culture references. And yes, there are were-wolves, witches, shapeshifters, and vampires. He even has a big scary dog, though I still maintain that Mister would beat the crap out of both Mouse and Oberon with one paw tied behind his back.


But despite the similarities to The Dresden Files and other urban fantasy series out there, these were a fun read and made the train journey between Boston, New York, and DC and back again pass in a flash.