Florida birding

I'm back in chilly Massachusetts after a fab week in Florida where I've seen plenty of beautiful birds, eaten and drunk way too much, and walked my little legs off. 


So here are a few of my husband's pictures. 


Top left is an American bittern. These guys blend into the reeds and are really tricky to spot. 


Top right is a pied-billed grebe. Just too cute for its own good.


Bottom left is a roseate spoonbill - not a flamingo (nearly got into a huge fight with a woman at the Kennedy Space Center who insisted the pink birds she could see were flamingoes.)


Bottom right is is a black and white warbler - too cold for them to be heading north at the moment. 


And here are a few more.


Top left is a Florida scrub jay - rare, endangered, and such a joy to spot one. Definitely the highlight of the vacation.


Top right is a green heron - like all herons, an absolute bugger to spot because they remain utterly motionless while hunting. 


Bottom left is a purple gallinule - flashy little devils, no?


Bottom right is an ibis - these things were everywhere. It was fantastic to watch the huge flocks of them flying overhead. 


I wish I was still there.