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Madame Serpent - Jean Plaidy


"The Chateau of Amboise was a favourite of the King's. From its rocky eminence, imperiously and cautiously it seemed to watch the undulating country and the silver stream of the Loire which watered it. Its thick embattled walls, its great buttresses and its round towers and tall windows made of it a fortress rather than a castle. Strong and formidable indeed it was outside; but inside, with its libraries, its great banqueting halls, its ceilings decorated with the fleur-de-lys or the salamander in the midst of flames, it was a magnificent setting for the most significant King in Europe."


It certainly is! I visited it a few years ago on a walking tour of the Loire Valley, and wuld love to go back one day. I drove my husband nuts, because I kept going into tour guide mode and would suddenly start spouting various historical tidbits.