Finished it!

The Rider of the White Horse - Rosemary Sutcliff

I seem to have been reading this forever. I kept having to break off to read my library books that had become available. But I've finally got to the end, and very satisfying it was too. 


Another reason it took me ages to read is because I kept stopping to consult my history books or check out a map.  A house I used to live in was built on the site of one of the key battles, so it's always been very interesting to me. 


It would be wrong to categorise this book as a 'romance'. For a lot of the time Anne and Thomas are apart, and when they do get together, there are no rippling muscles, heaving bosoms, and all the other staples of your typical bodice ripper. Theirs is a steady love, made more poignant because they are surrounded by war.


This is not a 'shirtless dude' meets 'headless woman' historical, but if you're interested in this period of English history, and want to know a bit more, then I can recommend it.