#BookadayUK - Day 17

Deadlock - Sara Paretsky Lamentation - C.J. Sansom The Eyre Affair  - Jasper Fforde



Just one? Nuh-uh. I'm having three.




V I Warshawski of course.  Smart, sassy and always looking out for people. She can fight, she likes a drink, and she enjoys watching sport. My kinda gal.




Gotta be Matthew Shardlake for this one. If I was in trouble in Tudor England, then I'd want this kind and clever, hunchback lawyer representing me. But I would make sure Jack Barak was on hand just in case there was any fighting. 


Alternative Reality


Thursday Next obviously. Not only is she totally kick-ass, but she can also play a mean game of croquet, can jump into books at will, and she has a pet dodo.  What's not to like?