#BookadayUK - Day 11

Dissolution  - C.J. Sansom Dark Fire  - C.J. Sansom Sovereign  - C.J. Sansom Revelation - C.J. Sansom Heartstone - C.J. Sansom Lamentation - C.J. Sansom



This series set in Tudor times is just stunning. Meticulously researched and written so that readers really feels as if they are living in London during the reign of Henry VIII.


When the series opens, Matthew Shardlake is a hunchback lawyer working for Thomas Cromwell. He is sent to a remote monastery to investigate the murder of one of Cromwell's commissioners. Like all good mysteries, there are more murders, a good dose of corruption, and plenty of intrigue. 


These books are so good. As the series progresses we see more of the Tudor court and watch the six wives come and go. Shardlake is sometimes at the center of the court and sometimes on the periphery. He has an enemy in Richard Rich, and the fact that he once had Thomas Cromwell as a patron doesn't always help his cause. But luckily he has a powerful friend in Queen Katherine Parr.


Damn, these books are good. But as I'm a little bit in love with Matthew's sidekick Jack Barak, I really could do with the next book in the series.