#BookadayUK : Day 1

Brush Back (V.I. Warshawski) - Sara Paretsky



Yippee! This month’s BookadayUK has a crime theme, which is great for me seeing as it’s possibly my favourite genre and quit a few of the books I’ve read this year have fallen into this category.

But which one to choose?

After much deliberation, and to avoid too much repetition as the month progresses, I’ve chosen Brush Back by Sara Paretsky. This one is the 17th in Paretsky’s series about Chicago private investigator, Vic ‘VI’ Warshawski, and I love this series as much now as I did when I first came across these books many years ago.




And yes, I know that technically Day 1 was yesterday, but seeing as Day 2 doesn't apply to me, I'll sneak it in a day late.


Many thanks to moonlight Reader for bringing this one to my attention.