Top Ten Tuesday - A Reader's Wishes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


And here are my wishes


1. I feel as if I've been waiting forever for Jasper Fforde to produce another Thursday Next book. So come on Jasper, make my wish come true. 


2. A membership card for every library in the US. And talking about libraries...


3. I would like every book I request from the library to be available immediately.


4. I would love it if the original manuscript of Tess of the D'urbervilles could be discovered. The one where Tess frames Angel Clare for the murder of Alex D'urberville and she and her sister open a tea room in Casterbridge. 


5. To have a never ending supply of books **looks at Kindle** OK, maybe that one has come true.


6. For people to understand that when I'm reading, I'm doing something, so don't bloody disturb me. Can't stand people who think if I'm reading I'm not doing anything. 


7. I would like all the crap film versions of my favourite books to be burned and never seen again. Seriously, Hollywood, my imagination is far superior to any of your CGI effects. 


8. Floor to ceiling bookshelves on every wall of every room in my house. And a library. 


9. A reading room that only I know about. It doesn't have to be big. As long as there's a comfy chair, some bookshelves, and a coffee maker, I'll be happy. 


10. To eliminate all love triangles from YA literature. 


Yeah, that should do it.