Finished it!

The Lies of Locke Lamora  - Scott Lynch

When it comes to the fantasy genre, you name it, I've read it. So when this one was a Kindle deal of the day, I picked it up on the strength of the positive reviews I'd read on BookLikes. 


And I wasn't disappointed. As others have said, it's part Oliver Twist, part Oceans Eleven, with a pinch of Mission Impossible and The Godfather thrown in for good measure. All set in a place where the Borgias would have felt right at home. 


Lynch doesn't shy away from killing off his characters either. There were a couple of deaths where I was hoping they would turn out to be part of yet another elaborate scam, and it was devastating to realise that nope, they were most definitely dead. 


Good world-building and characters you really care for and are cheering for even though you know they are rather criminally minded.