Top Ten Tuesday



I've been enjoying everyone else's top tens, so thought I'd share my own. 


If I'm entirely honest, the author who is waaaay out in front with over 100 of her books read, is Enid Blyton. And I'm sure this is the same for any middle-class English kid who grew up between 1950 and 1970. I devoured her school series and her assorted mystery series. The plots are paper thin, the characters are one-dimensional, mysogynistic, classist, and racist, but her books got children reading, and that can't be a bad thing.


But as an adult, my top ten is as follows 


1. Terry Pratchett - 40 Discworld novels with the 41st and sadly last to be published next year. 


2. Agatha Christie - not sure how many of her books I've read, but I know it's well over 30. I loved her stand-alones, as well as Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. She was my introduction to the the mystery genre, and I've never looked back.


3. Robert Rankin - I've just had a look at my shelves and counted 20 of Mr Rankin's books, and that doesn't include the ones I've borrowed from the library or lent to friends and not got back. His books are difficult to categorize, but extremely funny.


4. Sara Paretsky - yeah, no surprises to see her name crop up. Seventeen V I Warshawski books and a collection of short stories. Plus a couple of novels not set in Vic's world. I love her writing. 


5. Tom Holt 15+ - Similar to Robert Rankin. Off the wall humour.


6. Bill Bryson 15+ - The only non-fiction writer on the list. I can't read his books in public because my shrieks of laughter cause other people to give me funny looks. 


7. Jim Butcher 15 - Impatiently waiting for the next installment of The Dresden Files. One of the best urban fantasies out there.  


8. Carl Hiaasen 13 - Wonderful black humour set in the Everglades with completely bonkers characters and bad guys who usually meet gruesome yet hilarious ends.


9. Dennis Lehane 11 - Everything but The Drop. And if he could write another Kenzie and Genarro novel, I would be a very happy woman. 


10. Jasper Fforde 10 - Ahh, Thursday Next. Tied with V I Warshawski for my favourite literary detective. And his Nursery Crime books and Shades of Grey are also pretty good.


So there you are. Um, any idea as to what my favourite genre is?