I appear to have fallen through a wormhole into the 1970s

Dear God. 


For those who haven't clicked the link, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hellbent on alienating their female fanbase.


They have launched RED, which apparently is "a bold, new movement aimed at changing the way female fans connect with their home team and own their individual football experience." Ooh, sounds interesting. Tell me more. 

OK. How about "gameday style tips from local area experts, and even a RED Lifestyle Lounge session to educate attendees on the art of incorporating their passion for the Bucs into their other lifestyle interests such as tailgating and home entertaining." Wait. Are you telling me that "bold new movement", is basically fashion and cooking?

And don't worry if you can't get your pretty little head around the concept of football because "RED will provide female Buccaneers fans with year-round educational experiences focused on providing a better understanding of the game, along with unprecedented access to their favorite team. In addition, RED will re-invent the female fan experience by providing insight into topics such as: what goes on behind the scenes on gamedays; how to maximize their gameday experience; how to blend personal Buccaneer pride with the latest NFL fashions; as well as tips on sharing their experiences and ideas via social media platforms such as Pinterest." Phew that's a relief. 

And as if all that wasn't exciting enough, "RED members will also have access to exclusive networking events throughout the year designed to encourage interaction while providing practical advice on how to express their love for the Bucs into original design projects, fashion-forward team apparel and creative culinary creations." Oh, back to cooking and fashion then?


Give me strength. 

Predictably, the female sports fans on Twitter have been having a field day.


On game day style tips “if it’s not “how do I get beer/ketchup/blood out of this heritage sweater”?, I’m not interested”, and “I once matched my nail polish to the Rangers home jersey. Ladies I am your God now”.

tailgating and home entertaining – "Party-sized bag of cheesy puffs, two tubes of Pringles, and a case of Sam Adams. Sorted."

Creative culinary creations – "Doritos AND dips."

Original design projects – "how to make a sweater for your cat"

Providing a better understanding of the game – “why can’t I just go to a game and have a good time, and wish the refs would step on a legos and that be that”


Seriously there aren't enough facepalms.