The Mayor of Casterbridge - Cover Art

I've been itching to get home from work and do my version of a cover art collage. A big shout out to Hunger for Knowledge for coming up with the idea. 


Obviously I've chosen The Mayor Casterbridge seeing as it's my favourite novel. Though I was tempted to see what delights (and horrors) Jane Eyre would throw up. 


As as far as I could work out, the covers for The Mayor of Casterbridge fall into two categories. Brooding Middle-aged Chap, and Bucolic Country Scene.


Here's Brooding Middle-aged Chap




And here's Bucolic Country Scene



However, I did find some that were quite frankly bizarre. I mean unless it's a feminist version and he's now called Michaela Henchard, The Mayoress of Casterbridge, what the heck is the top left all about? Maybe it's actually Tess of the D'urbevilles but the publisher made a mistake.


And as for bottom right. He was a labourer for crying out loud and wasn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. The guy on the cover looks as if he should be in The Importance of Being Ernest. 



But I still prefer this one, which is my much loved copy.