Show off your cats! My life with cats

I think you’ve all seen plenty of my pics of the Ginger Ninja who lives across the street, but who seems to spend an awful lot of time mooching snacks in my kitchen, kipping on my sun-lounger, and sneaking upstairs to snooze on whichever bed happens to take his fancy.


And here he is sneaking a drink from the paddling pool we set up for the kids who were coming to a BBQ we were hosting. He will also attempt to slurp water from my watering can, and from the hosepipe. The fact that his owners keep a dish of water on their doorstep for him seems to have escaped his notice.


As for my own cats, it’s many years since I’ve had one, but a day doesn’t go by without me remembering all the felines who have shared my life.

Pushkin - The first kitty I ever owned was the sweetest little tortoiseshell (or calico for my US friends) with a pristine white bib and the cutest little white paws. She was bought as a present for my little sister, and the whole family loved her dearly. She was very much an outdoors cat, and sadly paid the price as she was struck by a car and killed early one morning. We’d had her for just over two years and couldn't believe what a big hole she'd left in our lives. So big, that we felt the only thing that could fill it would be another cat, or maybe two...

Pyewacket - Enter Pyewacket. Aka the holy terror. She was a tiny brown Burmese with a big voice and an even bigger personality. I could probably write a book about her escapades and you wouldn’t believe half the tales of what she got up to. We had her for 19 years, and even though it must be fifteen years since she died, I think about her every day and sometimes she rampages though my dreams at night. She was amazing and egged on in everything she did by her BFF...

Orlando – Ahh, my darling boy. He was my cat. A present from my parents to thank me for donating bone marrow to my little sis who was diagnosed with leukemia. He was a chocolate-point Siamese, and was the gentlest (but with a mischievous streak) cat you could ever meet. He greeted me every day when I came home from school, and would sit on my desk while I did my homework, and he slept on my bed every night. I would tell him all about my day, and he would tell me all the naughty things that Pye had done. With horrible irony, feline leukemia took him from us way too early. We were devastated, and Pyewacket was inconsolable.

Cho – An adorable red-point Siamese we adopted to try and fill Pye’s loss of losing her partner in crime. It didn’t work. They didn’t like each other and ignored each other for the ten years we had Cho. He was a very timid boy, but very loving and was always happiest when he was snuggled up on my Dad’s lap. He had a few health problems and eventually went blind, but nothing stopped him from being a perfect gentleman. I never heard him growl or spit, even when the vet was giving him an injection or trying to give him a tablet. He really was a sweetheart.


So there are my cats. Each one of them has enriched my life in some way (admittedly, Pye also added a few years as well as the enrichment stuff). I just wish I had some photos to show you.