Getting to know me

Thanks to Hunger for Knowledge for this one


Are you named for anyone?
Nope. I’m the only one in the family with my name (deliberate decision by my parents, so as not to upset anyone). It’s not an unusual name, but it has the less common spelling and it places me firmly as being born in the 1960s (although it was beginning to fall out of favour by then).

When was the last time you cried?
You know, I have absolutely no idea. Possibly when I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last year.


Do you have kids?
No. But I have an awesome niece and nephew who I would be happy to adopt if their mum would let me.


If you were another person would you be friends with yourself?
I think so. But they would have to be punctual. I hate tardiness and get really annoyed with people who turn up late for dinner dates and the like.


Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Er, take a look at my screen-name and profile.


Will you ever bungee jump?
Oh god no! I am such a wimp.


What’s your favourite cereal?
I prefer toast.


What’s the first thing you notice about people?
Whether or not they’re late. Then I notice their clothes. Usually I’m thinking, “damn, I wish I could wear that”.


What is your eye colour?
Hazel (or muddy green, according to my husband).


Scary movie, or happy ending?
Hmm, happy ending I guess. I don’t like scary stuff.


Favourite smell?
Freshly mown grass, sleepy cats, and tarmac after a thunderstorm.


Summer or winter?
Believe it or not, considering all the whining I did on here a few months ago, I'm going to say winter. I'm hopeless in hot weather. I'm a typical English rose and will burn after two seconds of being in the sun.


Computer or TV?
Tough call. Computer as long as I could use it to watch the NHL Channel.


What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
Bangalore, India.


Do you have any special talents?
I haven’t tried it, but I think I could be an excellent cat burglar. I have practically no fingerprints, which is a nightmare getting through airport security.


Where were you born?
God's own country. AKA, Yorkshire, England. And yes, we are all as opinionated as you’ve heard.


What are your hobbies?
Birding, reading, theatre, badminton, running, crossword puzzles.


Do you have any pets?
Technically no, but try telling that to the Ginger Ninja when he’s sneaked into the house via the basement and is sitting in front of the fridge asking for his second breakfast of the day.


Favourite movie?
A toss-up between Dogma and Fargo.


Do you have any siblings?
A younger sister.


What do you want to be when you grow up?
I haven’t decided yet.